FlightBriefer mobile products are specifically designed for the aviation enthusiast who has an interest in learning more about aviation weather and activities such as flight planning, nearest airports, etc…

NEW!  Learn more about QuickQuery (android) including new (7/12/12) optimizations in v2.2.11 and above.

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FlightBriefer for Android is an application for aviators & enthusiasts  that provides partial  NOAA ADDS weather information, NOTAMS, and DUATS access. A convenient N-number lookup is also provided:

FlightBriefer for Android is available at the Android Marketplace:

Apple iPad

iFlightBriefer is designed especially for Apple’s iPad. For more information, see iFlightBriefer in theApple iTunes Application Store:


FlightBriefer forWebOS® is an application for aviators that provides partial NOAA ADDS® aviation data service access, simple flight leg planning, a “nearest” airport function integrated with Google Maps®, DUATS® flight briefing and flightplan filling.

FlightLog forWebOS® is an application that just provides the flight logging feature found inFlightBriefer forWebOS®.

For more information forWebOS® versions ofFlightBriefer and FlightLog,  see Palm’s featured applications (Travel & Navigation):


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